Chilled Semen Artificial Insemination

We have successfully managed and achieved pregnancies with fresh chilled semen AI.  If you are considering this process please call the clinic well in advance.  This is necessary to discuss the logistics of the process including the turn around times for semen to arrive via couriers and the on farm practicalities of how and when to start scanning your mare.  We offer a mare breeding package which covers all costs and visits up to and including the first pregnancy scan.

The basic procedure for AI to occur is the following

  • ovary scans to predict the day of ovulation (this may take multiple scan depending on where the mare is in her cycle)
  • ordering the semen at the correct time to ensure enough time for collection and shipping
  • Insemination of the mare
  • Pregnancy scan

The ideal time to start scanning is well before the mare is on heat, if left too close to visible heat there may not be time to receive the semen for the AI.