Disease investigation

Disease investigations can be performed thoroughly for any herd or flock level disease, whether it is an outbreak of dead or sick animals or a more chronic production limiting disease. We are able to provide the necessary on farm work of sample collection for lab testing, including post mortems or blood collection from groups of animals. Post mortems can be conducted at the clinic for convenience purposes.

Lab turn around times are prompt and our vets will not only attempt to gain a diagnosis in a speedy manner, but will work with you to manage the problem at the present time in the most practical manner. This may be in the form of advice or treatments before a clear diagnosis is found.

Subsidies exist for disease investigations through government agencies. We are lucky to have a good system and relationship with PIRSA who supply funding for majority of lab fees for any disease suspected to be infectious. This helps them to keep up the disease surveillance requirements which our industries need to ensure an exotic disease does not enter our livestock populations.

The other subsidy that can be used is the submission of brains for TSE testing (Mad Cow Disease and Sheep Scrapie). If sheep or cattle show neurological signs of disease and a brain is submitted, then the producer will receive a rebate to help pay for the vets time and also all lab fees will be paid for. 

These programs are very helpful in aiding good disease investigations as lab fees can become very expensive and can limit good outcomes.