Pre Purchase Exam

 We are able to offer Pre Purchase Examinations  (PPE) of any horse, in line with the Australian Equine Veterinarians guidelines.  A written report is provided with results on the physical examination of the horse included.

Please allow a few days notice to do these as there are declarations required to be signed by both parties prior to the examination.  All PPEs are to be paid for prior them happening and this is the responsibility of the purchaser.

Emergency Procedures

 We are available for all manner of sick horse problems and emergencies.  The most common emergencies are colic and cuts.  We are experienced in assessing colic and giving treatments to manage these events.  We are also able to give accurate assessments if the condition is severe enough to warrant referral to a specialist centre.

Cut legs are also a common occurrence and we are able to safely and effectively manage these both at the time of the accident but also for ongoing aftercare.  We can manage wound either through bandages or casts depending on the case.