Foalings require immediate assistance.  Once a mare lies down to start pushing the foal out this process should be done in 30 minutes.  If there has been no progress in this time the veterinary intervention is required.

Once the foal is born the following events should occur in the prescribed times

  • 1hr foal should stand
  • 2hr foal should drink
  • 3hr foal should pass first faeces
  • 4hr mare should have passed her membranes (after birth)

If these events aren’t achieved then intervention is required.  A foal requires adequate colostrum (the first milk) in the first 12-24 hours.  If you suspect this has not happened a blood test can be performed at the clinic to check the foal’s status.  Further management can then be decided on.

If a mare has not passed her membranes in a timely manner, do not attempt to remove these yourself.  This requires veterinary intervention as uterine tearing and haemorrhage can occur.